March 24, 2018


Merger & Acquisitions Possibilities

Mergers and acquisitions are important for inorganic growth and strategic reasons, however, one must evaluate all possible aspects before finalizing this transaction.Otherwise, post-M&A, it becomes the irreversible transaction.Post-transaction also a lot of care and planning needs to be undertaken for the implementation strategy. At ZONECFO, we can support in executing M&A transactions, both on the buy-side as well as on the sell-side. We assist companies, in executing their M&A strategy with maximum possible benefits while keeping any transaction risk to the minimum.

Some of the key areas we assist you with are:

Evaluating the right target => Undertaking due diligence, reviewing findings from legal and technical diligence.

Formulating deal terms => It is not just the deal value but also the deal terms that decide if the deal is good or bad. We work on your side in assisting you with taking the appropriate decision.

Deal Structuring with prospective clients

We assist you with evaluating various options, considering various regulatory implications.

Planning the transaction process:

We help you in coordinating with various deal advisors in agreeing on a timetable and delivering as per the same.